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Possessed (1934)
Clarence Brown

The Matrix (1999)
Andy and Larry Wachowski

The Birds (1963)
Alfred Hitchcock

Psycho (1960)
Alfred Hitchcock

Duck Soup(1933)
Leo Mc Carey

Monkey Business(1931)
Norman Z McCleod

The Exorcist(1973)
William Friedkin

Testament of Dr Mabuse(1933)
Fritz Lang

Ridley Scott

The Great Dictator(1940)
Charles Chaplin

Mulholland Drive(2002)
David Lynch

Alice in Wonderland(1951)
Clyde Geronimi, Wilfred Jackson and Hamilton Luske

The Red Shoes(1948)
Michael Powell

Dr. Strangelove(1963)
Stanley Kubrick

Fight Club(1999)
David Fincher

Dead of Night(1945)
Alberto Cavalcanti

The Conversation(1974)
Francis Ford Coppola

Blue Velvet(1986)
David Lynch

Alfred Hitchcock

Psycho Theatrical Trailer(1960)

Andrei Tarkovsky

The Piano Teacher(2001)
Michael Haneke

Wild at Heart(1990)
David Lynch

Lost Highway(1996)
David Lynch

David Lynch

Ingmar Bergman

Eyes Wide Shut(1999)
Stanley Kubrick

Krysztof Kieslowski

In the Cut(2003)
Jane Campion

The Wizard of Oz(1939)
Victor Fleming

James Whale

10 Commandments(1956)
Cecil B. DeMille

Lars Von Trier

Alien Resurrection(1997)
Jean-Pierre Jeunet

To Catch a Thief(1954)
Alfred Hitchcock

Alfred Hitchcock

Rear Window(1954)
Alfred Hitchcock

North by Northwest(1959)
Alfred Hitchcock

Andrei Tarkovsky

Kubanskie Kasaki(1949)
Ivan Pyryev

Ivan the Terrible (Part Two)(1945)
Sergei Eisenstein

Pluto's Judgment Day(1935)
David Hand

City Lights(1931)
Charles Chaplin