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SLAVOJ ZIZEK (Presenter)
Widely acclaimed as one of the most original thinkers of our time, Slavoj Zizek is a dialectical-materialist philosopher. He is the author of more than fifty books on diverse subjects ranging from opera to religion, film, and the war in Iraq. He has taught at universities including Paris, London, Columbia, Chicago, Duke, Princeton and the New School in New York. He currently holds a post at the Department of Philosophy, University of Ljubljana and is Co-Director of the International Centre for Humanities at Birkbeck College, University of London. He has been the subject of numerous media profiles in various publications including the Guardian, New Yorker, Liberation (France) and Asahi (Japan). He contributes articles to the Guardian, London Review of Books, and Le Monde (France).

For a bibliography of Zizek's works visit www.lacan.com/bibliographyzi.htm

SOPHIE FIENNES (Director / Producer)
Sophie Fiennes began making films in 1998. She is widely acclaimed for her unique observational eye and strong sense of cinematic form. Fiennes often employs a collaborative approach to filmmaking. She has worked with artists and thinkers ranging from dancer/choreographer Michael Clark to philosopher /psychoanalyst Slavoj Zizek. Her films therefore also act as powerful portraits of some of today's most iconic individuals.

Sophie Fiennes' films have screened theatrically, on television and in festivals around the world, including Sundance, Telluride, Locarno, Toronto, Rotterdam. Edinburgh, Sydney and London. In 2000 she was awarded a NESTA fellowship to support her innovative approach to film making.

Recent projects include THE PERVERT'S GUIDE TO CINEMA (2006), a film exploring the relationship between psychoanalysis and cinema, presented by Slavoj Zizek. Prior to this she made HOOVER STREET REVIVAL (2002), a feature documentary about a Pentecostal church community in Los Angeles and the sermons of its resident preacher, Bishop Noel Jones.

She made THE LATE MICHAEL CLARK (1999), BECAUSE I SING (2001), which was an Artangel commission with Belgium choreographer Alain Platel, as well as numerous shorter projects on subjects from Dogme filmmaker Lars von Trier (LARS FROM 1-10) to the humanitarian activities of UNICEF.

Her last film, VSPRS SHOW AND TELL (2007), a performance/documentary film of Alain Platel's controversial stage work VSPRS, won the award for best dance documentary in the NAPOLIDANZA festival in July 2008. She also won the ARTE FRANCE CINEMA AWARD at Rotterdam Film Festival's 2008 Cinemart.

Current works in development include OVER YOUR CITIES, GRASS WILL GROW, a film project with the artist Anselm Kiefer, GRACE JONES, THE MUSICAL OF MY LIFE a digital-video feature documentary on the singer and performer Grace Jones, and THE PERVERT'S GUIDE TO IDEOLOGY, a second collaboration with Slavoj Zizek.

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REMKO SCHNORR (Director of Photography/studio)
Remko Schnorr was born (14-12-1974) and raised in the Hague, Netherlands. In the year 2000 Remko successfully finished film-school (Nederlandse Film & Televisie Academie, Amsterdam) and started immediately working as a cinematographer on short films, commercials and music video's. These job's created the opportunity to develop really fast. In 2004 Remko shot his first feature film "Pluk van de Petteflet" a children's film directed by Ben Sombogaard. In 2006 Kees Kasander gave Remko the opportunity to shoot his first documentary "The Pervert's Guide to Cinema" for Sophie Fiennes what was a great collaboration. This year also "Het woeden der gehele wereld" produced by Rob Houwer hit theatres. A feature film set in the period shortly after the second world war in Maasluis, Holland. Currently Remko is finishing post-production on 3 short films directed by Jochem de Vries that will premiere 30 September at the film-festival Utrecht.

BEN ZUYDWIJK (Production Designer/Studio)
15 years ago Ben started as a painter and decorator in the fields of film and theatre working on the sets of the famous Peter Greenaway features Prospero's Books, The Baby of Macon and The Pillow Book as on the for Production Design award winning film Orlando, by Sally Potter.

Since 10 years he has been making a name for himself as a Production Designer and Art Director working on National commercials, shorts feature films and photoshoots as on International productions as Claim, Fogbound, la Captive Kill Kill Faster Faster, Crusade in Jeans and The Pervert's Guide To Cinema.

KATIE KITAMURA (Creative Consultant)
Katie Kitamura was born in 1979. She attended Princeton and London Universities, and holds a PhD in Humanities and Cultural Studies. Her first book, Japanese for Travellers, was published in May 2006 by Penguin UK. She lives in Brooklyn, New York, where she is currently writing her second book.

Martin Rosenbaum formed Lone Star Productions in 2000 and since then has produced a number of critically acclaimed feature-length documentaries for BBC Television and in co-production with other European and US producers. These films include Searching For The Wrong-Eyed Jesus (US theatrical release July 13 2005, IFC Waverly NYC, July 29 2005, Fairfax Theater, LA and 10 other cities), I Am From Nowhere (European Premiere Locarno 2003), The Room (a 2-part profile of Harold Pinter), Painting The Clouds: A Portrait Of Dennis Potter, Calling Hedy Lamarr (European Premiere Locarno, US Premiere LA Film Festival 2004).

Martin Rosenbaum's other productions for BBC Arena, BBC Music & Arts and Channel 4 include Last Supper by photographer Robert Frank, Placido Domingo's Tales From The Opera, The Last Soviet Citizen the story of the cosmonaut stranded on the Russian space station MIR when the USSR fell apart, Tony Bennett's New York And Looking For The Iron Curtain - the Iron Curtain ten years after its fall.

Ethel Sheperd was born in the Outer Hebrides in 1957. She read Anthropology and Humanities at St Andrews University, Scotland and following this spent 20 years making ethnographic films in Papua New Guinea. She returned to the UK in 2000 and now lives in Norwood, South London, where she writes and works as an editor on selected projects.

KEES KASANDER (co-producer The Netherlands)
Kees Kasander entered the film industry in 1978 as Head of Distribution for a Dutch company called Film International. This company was also deeply involved in the organisation of the Rotterdam Film Festival and from 1982 until 1985; Kasander was the official producer of the Festival program. He has been an independent film producer since 1981 and as such has worked all over the world. Until now he has produced over 50 feature films. His collaboration with Peter Greenaway has brought him international acclaim. The film The Cook, The Thief, His Wife And Her Lover (1989) has also been a great commercial success. Kees Kasander has won both national and international prizes for his film productions. He won the nationally esteemed prize for best feature film at the Dutch Film Festival in Utrecht three times: Secret Wedding in 1988, director Alejandro Agresti and Prospero's Books in 1992, director Peter Greenaway and Abeltje in 1999, director Ben Sombogaart. He received a prize (100.00DM) in Berlin for the film Crush Proof, director Paul Tickell.

His most recently produced films are: Tempesta (director Paul Tickell), an adaptation of the best-selling Spanish novel by Juan Manuel de Prada, and The Tulse Luper Suitcases, Peter Greenaway's most ambitious project to date. As a co-producer he participated in films by Alexander Sokourov (Elegy Of A Voyage) and Philippe Garrel (Sauvage Innocence). Amongst the films in postproduction is Crusade In Jeans, based on the well-known Dutch children's book by Thea Beckman and to be directed by Ben Sombogaart. The premiere of this film will take place in November 2006. Amongst the films in production is Nightwatching by Peter Greenaway. A film about the creation of the famous painting 'The Nightwatch' by Dutch painter Rembrandt.

Ralph Wieser ran the Kino Filmbühne Mödling from 1988-1996. With his wife Judith Wieser-Huber, they founded After Image Production organising cultural events and film projects in Austria. www.afterimage.at. Their projects include Kino Unter Sternen (Cinema under the stars) an open-air cinema festival, Augarten Park, Vienna. EU-XXL Film a forum for professional filmmakers, The Aegina Academy and EAVE - workshops (European Audiovisual Entrepreneurs) for European film producers/Vienna.

In 2002 he founded Mischief Films with director Georg Misch with the intent to produce creative documentaries. Films include Edgar Ulmer - The Man Off Screen (dir: Michael Palm), Calling Hedy Lamarr (dir: Georg Misch) Miss Universe 1929 - Lisl Goldarbeiter, A Queen in Wien (dir: Peter Forgacs), No Name City (dir: Florian Flicker) Ich muss dir was sagen (dir: Michael Nguyen) The Pervert's Guide to Cinema (dir: Sophie Fiennes).

GEORG MISCH (Producer)
Georg Misch is a producer and documentary filmmaker. He trained at Stirling University and the British National Film & Television School and together with Ralph Wieser founded the Vienna-based production company Mischief Films. Since then they have produced numerous documentary films, among them the festival successes CALLING HEDY LAMARR and EDGAR G. ULMER - THE MAN OFF-SCREEN. Several Mischief Films have had cinematic releases and many were international co-productions with the BBC, Channel 4, Arte, 3sat and WDR as well as broadcasters in the Netherlands, Slovakia, Hungary and the CzechRepublic.

As a director, Georg Misch has made two BBC Arenas, I AM FROM NOWHERE, a film on the curious central European roots of Andy Warhol and CALLING HEDY LAMARR, a film about the late Hollywood screen goddess who surprisingly was also an inventor of wireless technology. At present, he is shooting his next film, a kind of "Lawrence of Arabia" story on the Austrian-Jewish convert to Islam, Leopold Weissa.k.a Muhammad Asad.